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It started as a dream...


Whilst on holiday in the sunny Spanish town of Fuengirola, the initial concept of Brisa Marina was created by four friends. One evening before heading ‘aatt aattttt’ on the town, we wanted to concoct a drink both strong in alcohol and super tasty.
Brisa Marina Ltd is now a UK registered company. We have a number of international sales reps, a huge amount of support from local bars, clubs, restaurants and a partner to manufacture our brand.
We've been working hard, since discovering our tasty concoction, to bring you a natural flavoured vodka without the fiery 'kick' you get with other brands. Our vision is to make Brisa Marina a globally recognised brand and have the ability to walk into any bar or club and simply ask for a 'glass of Brisa'. 
The initial planning and strategy behind Brisa took a 12 long months however, with plenty of dedication and hard work the first bottles of Brisa Marina were produced and distilled in 2019. The four flavours all have a unique taste of their own which give our customers a great variety when choosing their favourite flavour. This ranges from the sweetness of Bubblegum, to the smooth delicate smell and taste of the Mango. We are immensely proud of our products and have great belief that Brisa Marina can be enjoyed by everyone. 
Once the product was bottled and labelled, it was then time to launch Brisa Marina to the world. The Brisa team would love to thank its local town of Corby for supporting the brand from day one and allowing it to grow. 
Brisa Marina is a brand with big dreams and even bigger ambitions! The brand is now available online and in bars, clubs, pubs, and restaurants. We are also launching throughout Europe in 2021. 
The Brisa team would once again like to thank everyone for supporting and enjoying our products.